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Detroit Airport to Lansing | MSU Campus | Enginering Research Complex (Map A) | Office & Lab (Map B)

Directions from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

Total Est. Time:?1 hour, 24 minutes
Total Est. Distance:?5.62 miles

A MapQuest map tracing the route from Detroit Wayne Airport to MSU in East Lansing

Above map, and instructions below, in part from MapQuest (

1:Start out going NORTHEAST on WILLIAM G ROGELL DR toward E SERVICE RD.1.3 miles
   (If you go Southwest out of the Airport follow the I-275 signs, take I-275 N and continue from instruction 5 below)
2:Stay STRAIGHT to go onto MERRIMAN RD.0.3 miles
3:Merge onto I-94 W toward CHICAGO.3.5 miles
4:Merge onto I-275 N via EXIT 194 toward FLINT.18.2 miles
5:Merge onto I-96 W via the exit on the LEFT toward LANSING.56.2 miles
6:Take EXIT 110 toward MASON / OKEMOS.0.3 miles
7:Turn RIGHT onto OKEMOS RD.0.2 miles
8:Turn LEFT onto JOLLY RD.1.5 miles
9:Turn RIGHT onto HAGADORN RD.2.9 miles (Map A)
10:Turn LEFT onto SERVICE RD 0.3 miles (Map A)
11:Turn LEFT onto BOGUE ST 0.2 miles (Map A)
12:Follow LEFT to Engineering Research Complex 0.05 Miles (Map A)
13:Turn RIGHTT to Engineering Research Complex 0.01 Miles (Map A)
14:End at Engineering Research Complex parking lot. Enter by C-Wing door (Map B)

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