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Dr. Virginia M. Ayres
The Electronic and Biological Nanostructures Laboratory
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Photo of Dr. Virginia M. Ayres The Electronic and Biological Nanostructures Laboratory, headed by Professor Virginia M. Ayres, investigates both inorganic and organic nanostructures. The small physical dimensions of nanostructures result in new and fascinating localized and sometimes quantised interactions. At the nano (10-9 m) level, the distinction between inorganic and organic behaviour can be reduced to fundamental interactions common to both. However, very different applications are enabled by different combinations of the same fundamentals! Our group investigates two combinations, those that facilitate biocompatibility between living and non-living nanostructures, and those that facilitate fast nanocircuit-based binary logic in harsh radiation and low temperature environments.

Additionally, great emphasis is placed on the development and use of reliable nano-investigative techniques. Scanning Probe Recognition Microscopy is a new scanning probe microscopy capability developed by our group. High resolution electron microscopies (SEM, HRTEM and EELS) provide complmentary nanoscale information. Confocal optical microscopy, and micro Raman and FTIR spectroscopies, are also utilized. Students are encouraged to develop high-caliber nano-experimental expertise of their own, working with the guidance of experts both at Michigan State University and through national and international collaborations.

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